Company profile

Our mission

The modern fiber optic industry is characterized by increasingly broad deployment of what was once considered a specialist technology. Kingfisher's visionary technology goal of simplifying optical communications roll-out is our ongoing contribution to advancing the information age. Our consistent developmental focus on practical ease of use, productivity, and simplicity has consistently led the way in ensuring that fiber optics are practical and economical to install today.

Our products

Our high quality test equipment and innovative reporting software remain industry leaders on both ROI and flexibility, by lowering overall project cost, and improving customer confidence. Our instrument failure rate is under 1% a year, and instruments are backed by a 3 – 7 year warranty.  Designed for easy yet flexible operation by moderately skilled installers, our testers are used to install, certify, and assist in the repair of fiber optic systems across all sectors - telecommunications networks, cloud and data-center, defense, vehicular, and aerospace. Our testers have proven to have an extremely long life.

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Our history

Kingfisher International was started in a garage in 1986 in Victoria, Australia by husband and wife team Bruce and Rosmin Robertson. Within a year, the newly married couple introduced the world's first handheld laser light source, developed, produced and exported from their garage in Melbourne, Australia. Kingfisher is now owned and operated by Bruce Robertson, and remains an industry leading provider of handheld fiber test solutions.

Kingfisher had the first commercial Traceable Optical Calibration Laboratory in Asia in 1993, and was ISO 9001 certified in 1994. We have received numerous endorsements from government and industry bodies.

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Meet the founder

Bruce Robertson was educated at Exeter University in the UK, and spent his formative years working as a researcher, evaluating emerging technologies (specifically Fiber Optics, Sensors, Manufacturing Systems, and Test Systems) at a prestigious UK National Technical Institution - The GEC Hirst Research Center. Bruce's family have been involved in Engineering since at least 1667. Bruce moved to Australia in the late 1980s, and spent some time consulting in many areas including optics and photonics, robotics, switch-gear, traction motors, semiconductor fabrication, electronics and computer design. Bruce and his wife Rosmin jointly founded Kingfisher in 1986, and with assistance from Telstra Research Laboratories began work on the world's first hand-held optical laser source for fiber optic testing. Bruce has been the driving force behind Kingfisher's History of Innovation ever since.

Why 'Kingfisher'?

Different species of the Kingfisher family of birds can be found in almost every country. Their responsive nature, flexible maneuvering, incredible speed, power and beauty have been a constant inspiration to us. We want to reflect the beauty, intuitiveness and functionality of the natural world in everything we produce.

Kingfisher International is wholly Australian owned and based, and is not related to any other companies with similar names.