One-touch AutoTest

What it does

Autotest synchronizes and sends test data between Kingfisher light sources, power meters, loss test sets and two-way-ORL testers, by default using all possible wavelengths.

Used on a source and meter one-way data transfer includes nominal source power and serial number.

Used with a pair of two-way testers, two-way data transfer shares the complete bi-directional test results, so both instruments display & can store the same results. ORL is also integrated into the test sequence.

Benefit: Faster, smarter & more flexible operation with few errors & better control.

  • Works between any source & meter ports with matching wavelengths, resulting in flexible field operations between quite different instruments.
  • Fast, reliable and stable testing with less training, button pushes and errors.
  • Use with KITS™ software for best convenience, either real time or post-processing.
  • Supports both local or remote referencing.
  • Specify which wavelengths to include. Set up simple one wavelength tests, or speed up a two wavelength test when using a quad wavelength source.
  • Display just one wavelength on your meter, for simplicity.
  • If a wavelength drops out (very high loss), remaining wavelengths continue unaffected.
  • Two-way testers work seamlessly, so that compete test data can be viewed and saved at either end.
  • Two way testers & KITS™ software features an interlock so that local and remote users can co-ordinate their actions when working through multiple fibers.
  • ORL test is zero-effort & integrated into the general test sequence.

Light source and power meter measuring loss