High-power systems

Used in distance transmission systems. See also: CWDM / DWDM

KI 9600A Pocket Power Meter

  • Simple shirt-pocket size meter
  • Options for all networks & users
  • Low-skill TamperLock mode
  • Ideal for transmission installers
  • Leading accuracy
KI 2600 Handheld Power Meter

  • Professional productivity meters
  • Options for all networks & users
  • Ideal for cable installers
  • Powerful reporting capability
  • Leading accuracy
  • Optional VFL
KI 6102 GPON / PON Power Meter

  • Economical in-line meter for PON test
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • 100 test memory with PC software
KI 9800A Pocket Fiber Source

  • Economical shirt-pocket size source
  • Options for SM, MM, POF etc
  • Low-skill TamperLock mode
  • MM is EF compliant
  • Eye safe high power VFL 5 mW
KI 6358 Pen Visual Fault Finder

  • Pen-sized universal VFL 1mW
  • Eye safe class 1 laser
  • LC / 1.25 mm universal adapter option
KI 2800 Handheld Source

  • Versatile productivity source
  • Options for SM, MM, POF etc
  • SM + MM quad up to 6 λ
  • MM is EF compliant
  • Unique VisiTester VFL
KI 2400 Handheld Source with Zero Warm-up

  • Unique Zero Warm-up, optically stabilized source
  • Ultimate stability over temperature & ORL
  • Up to 6 SM λ
  • eLED option for precise loss & CD testing
KI 6170 Clip-on fiber identifier

  • Easily check for traffic or test tones on live fiber
  • Supplied with interchangeable heads for most fiber/cable types
  • Low false detection rate
  • Uses popular 9 volt alkaline battery. Auto turn-off
  • Power display is very useful for finding lossy components
  • Requires a light source with tone facility, 1550 nm for maximum range
KI 6610 FiberSafe Microscope

The Kingfisher FiberSafe Microscope is the tool of choice for checking unmated fibre optic connectors for dirt and end face quality. A combination of high quality construction with innovative & helpful features enhances the performance of all technical staff.


KI 6680 Fiber Inspection Probe

The KI6680 is a handy tool to check mated or unmated fiber optic connector end faces for dirt, condition and quality. The image can be viewed and stored on Windows, Android or iOS devices via Wi-Fi or USB. It is easy to operate with robust construction.


OPT684 FiberSafe Microscope Digital Image Capture Option

1.3 Mpixel camera with USB connection. For all models of FiberSafe Microscope. This unit requires MS Windows to install the drivers.

KI 7340 Handheld Two-Way Loss Test Set with ORL & Zero Warm-Up

  • The fastest way to certify fibre optics
  • SM or MM, EF compliant
  • Zero warm up SM source
  • Real-time loss and ORL display
  • Autotest power meter 1% accuracy
  • Powerful reporting software
  • Pass / Fail display
KI 7740 Handheld Two-Way Loss Test Set

  • SM or MM, EF compliant
  • Real-time loss display
  • Autotest power meter 1% accuracy
  • Powerful Reporting Software
  • Pass / Fail display
KI 2700 Handheld Loss Test Set

  • Versatile Loss Test Set
  • SM, MM & POF, EF compliant
  • MPO version
  • Dual, quad up to 6 λ
  • Unique VisiTester VFL option
  • Autotest power meter 1% accuracy
  • Powerful reporting software
KI 2300 Handheld Loss Test Set with Zero Warm-Up

  • Zero Warm-up SM source
  • High accuracy SM tester
  • Autotest power meter with 1% accuracy
  • Powerful reporting software
KI 7010 Series Variable Optical Attenuator

  • SM, MM & POF versions
  • Best optical specifications
  • Easy to use, rugged & reliable
  • Long battery life
  • High contrast display
  • Programmable or remote control
Cold Clamp (buried cable fault locator)

  • Use liquid nitrogen to induce a non-destructive optical marker
  • Use with OTDR to localize physical fault within 1m
  • Significantly improve real-world response & labor time
  • Works on live systems
Hybrid Adaptor Series

  • For sources & meters excluding XL/MPO/POF variants,
  • For attenuators & G2 connectors.
  • Useful to make instant test adapter leads
XL Series Power Meter Adaptor Series

  • For use with XL/MPO & POF series power meters with a large detector
  • Industry standard 7/8" 28 TPI thread fits legacy instruments
KI66xx Microscope Adaptor Series

  • For KI66xx series Optical Microscope
Miscellaneous Accessories

Various accessories and kit components for Kingfisher testers.


Insert any bulk optics devices, sensors or sample into plastic optical fiber light path.

G2 Panel Mount Connector Series

  • For OEM, test, production & development applications 
  • For use with Hybrid Adapter Series