KI 7340 Handheld Two-Way Loss Test Set with ORL & Zero Warm-Up

Today's easiest, most productive, most accurate and most integrated Two-Way Optical Loss Test Sets (OLTS).

Perfect for high volume test applications, test throughput is dominated by the time to clean and inspect fiber ends. Test time is just 5 seconds direct onto your final report. Loss & ORL testing is fully integrated, so to test both of them requires only one hook-up and one key press.

Featuring true optically stabilized light sources which require no warm up, both instruments display bi-directional average loss and Return Loss (ORL) in real time. An instrument can also be used as a stand-alone Autotest source & meter, tone generator / detector, or high performance ORL meter. 

  • SM or MM versions. The industry's only multimode ORL meter, with EF compliant sources.
  • Real-time Autotest two-way loss and ORL testing on one fiber
  • Real time Pass / Fail display
  • Large memory and USB Interface
  • KITS™ reporting software for acquisition and reporting
  • Zero warm up source, meter & ORL
  • Autotest power meter with 1 % accuracy & 24 calibrated λ
  • Supplied with metal free SC, ST, LC interchangeable connectors
  • Test tone generator / detector
  • 190 - 360 hr Alkaline battery life
  • 3 Year warranty and calibration cycle
  • Full QA & test reports for source stability / λ, & power meter linearity

Please enquire for Australian NBN specific testers

Part Number SM MM Buy
ORL 1310-1550-1625 nm u/s APC, InGaAs
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1310-1550-1625 nm u/s APC, InGaAs
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ORL 1310-1490-1550-1625 nm u/s APC, InGaAs
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ORL 1310-1550 nm u/s, InGaAs
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Popular KI7343C-INGAAS-APC
ORL 1310-1550 nm u/s APC, InGaAs
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ORL 850-1300 nm LED, 62.5 um APC, Ge
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ORL 850-1300 nm LED, 50 um, APC, Ge
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ORL 1310-1490-1550 nm u/s, InGaAs
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ORL 1310-1490-1550 nm u/s APC, InGaAs
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Zero warm-up laser

Instant high-accuracy testing. Unlike other sources, Zero Warm-Up sources are in-spec & stabilized in seconds.

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One-touch AutoTest

Smart communication makes sure you always get a full, complete, and consistent result.

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Real-time reporting software

Excel-based instrument connectivity for comprehensive reporting (against standards) and real-time data logging.

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Interchangeable connectors

Use a single meter, source or microscope for: SC, LC, MPO, FC, E2000, and many other connector types - including duplex & high density options.

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Metal-free connectors

To avoid metal dust fragments damaging your tester and fiber-ends, we use high-end metal-free connectors.

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