Cold Clamp (Buried Cable Fault Locator)

Induce a fault at a known location, to allow very accurate positioning of cable faults via an OTDR.

  • Locate the exact physical position of a hidden underground cable fault or break, within less than 1 meter, and over long distance!
  • Reduces network hazard and days of labor as exploratory trenching is eliminated
  • Minimizes community disruption and excavation damage
  • Finds faults and breaks in fibre cables where there is no visible evidence
  • Minimizes service disruption, since it can be used on a live system
  • Field Proven. Telcordia (Bellcore) report available.
  • Unique patented optical cable fault locators
  • Use your existing training & any low specification OTDR

Part Number
Starter Kit
5 Cold Clamps & Consumables
Work Kit
10 Litre Dewar
1 Litre Flask

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