G2 Panel Mount Connector Series

Interchangeable fiber optic connector for OEM, test & development applications 

  • SC, LC / F3000, FC, ST, Universal 2.5/1.25 mm, MU, E2000, LSA / DIN47256, SMA, D4.
  • Useful to equipment end users to change connector styles, swap out damaged connectors and clean the connector tip.
  • Useful to equipment manufacturers to streamline the logistics chain and reduce finished inventory & delivery time.
  • Useful to equipment distributors who can easily configure inventory to customer requirements, with less stock.
  • Useful to service personnel since no tools are required to re-work or active module swap-over.
  • Allows equipment test procedures to be standardized with one connector style.
  • Easily color coded fro DWDM channel identification etc.
  • Tamper-proof configuration is possible, with one-time only configuration.




  • Line equipment, termination cabinets, patch panels.
  • Universal low cost solution with fiber pigtail & connector ferrule inside the relevant unit, and user mountable connector adaptors in various styles.

International patents filed.

More interchangeable connector styles




Part Number Picture Description
KI-G2001 Connector, G2, PC, 9/125/900 um SM Pigtail5 mm Plug
KI-G2002 Connector, G2, APC, 9/125/900 um SM Pigtail mm Plug
KI-G2003 Connector, G2, 50/125/900 um MM Pigtailtail mm Plug
KI-G2004 Connector, G2, 62.5/125/900 um MM Pigtail
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