Our free device companion software is used for generating installation & test reports, and live laboratory automation/graphing.
  • Familiar Excel™ user interface
  • Pass/fail reporting to TIA 568, IEC 14763, other & custom standards
  • Trial it today using built-in emulation instruments
  • Flexibility to accommodate many work practices
  • Either work live, or download results into a custom pass / fail report
  • Test data integrity is assured with Secure Data Mode & secure csv files
  • A macro-free Excel solution that does not compromise IT security
  • An easy solution for data integration with corporate asset database
  • Data logging for monitoring & intermittent fault finding
  • Easily customize multiple customer reports
  • Just 5.5 seconds to pass/fail bi-directional loss & ORL with a Two-Way ORL Tester such as the KI 7340
Attenuator Control Software

This PC program is used to provide external control of the Kingfisher KI 7010 Series Fiber Test Attenuator. As installed, it provides many useful functions. It is written in C using LabWindows, and can be easily modified.


More software:

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