Visual Fault Locators

Installation craft tools play a critical role in completing projects on time, on budget and on specification, while avoiding accidental service outages. These inexpensive yet high quality testers can assist every step of the way, and can dramatically improve both productivity and confidence. Many of these solutions can be bundled with our popular FiberTester Kits.

Visible Fault Locator Pen
  • Pen sized VFL fault locater & line tracer
  • Single mode, multimode and plastic fiber applications
  • Eye safe Class 1 device, no safety procedures required
  • Rugged & simple fibre optic fault finder
  • 2.5 & 1.25 mm universal connector options
  • Pulsed or continuous laser options
  • Useful in combination with an OTDR, to help exactly identify a fault
VisiTest Option

(Option) An Integrated, live VFL. When sending AutoTest signal, the fiber you're testing flashes with visible light. Confidence with a quick & easy visual cue.