Dependable Solutions in Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Test, certify & maintain fiber optics with our handheld fiber testers & fiber optic test kits.

With 30 years specialising in fiber optic loss testing - from Cloud/Telco to Aerospace/Defense - Kingfisher are the trusted experts in delivering fiber test confidence. Kingfisher fiber optic test equipment sets the industry standard for quality, ease of use, and flexibility.   

Your Kingfisher Fiber Tester is:

  • Backed by a global network of expert sales, support, service professionals.
  • Highly reliable, rugged, flexible, accurate, and designed for test productivity.
  • Free of hidden ownership costs, with standard batteries, affordable interchangeable connectors, long-cycle calibration, and free software.
  • Customised to deliver the best possible test confidence for your scenario.
  • Products typically available ex-stock, with fast shipping. 
  • Designed and made in Australia since 1986. 

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