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Bruce Elphinston Robertson

Established in 1986, Kingfisher International is a global manufacturer & supplier of equipment for fiber optic communication systems.
Kingfisher fiber optic test equipment is used by technical and non-technical staff in all phases of fiber optic manufacture, installation and maintenance. Typical applications are to verify, test, certify and repair fiber optic systems in telecom, datacom, defense and automotive applications.

Today’s fiber optic industry is characterized by increasingly broad deployment of what was once considered a specialist technology. So it is increasingly important that fiber optic equipment is versatile, economic, reliable and easy to use.

Kingfisher has always provided excellent and practical fiber optic solutions for the industry’s needs, and we continue this tradition today. Our high quality test equipment and innovative reporting software provide the best return on investment in the industry, by lowering overall project cost, and improving customer confidence.

We have impressive credentials, with ISO9001 certification since 1994, and the first commercial Traceable Optical Calibration Laboratory in Asia (1993), as well as numerous endorsements from government and industry bodies.

Kingfisher has a long history of innovation in the photonics field. Our instrument failure rate is under 1% a year, and instruments are backed by a 3 – 7 year warranty. We introduced the world's first handheld laser light source, no-warm-up technology, and much more.

Kingfisher is truly a global business with channel partners spanning over 70 countries. Partners are selected on their capability to provide our customers with specialist technical advice & applications support. Export accounts for 80% of our business.



Who We Are

Our modern, purpose built factory is located in Mulgrave, about 1 hour from Tullamarine airport.

Our technical staff have over 150 years of fiber optic experience between them. This depth of experience is reflected in our products, each one optimally engineered for accuracy, ease of use and reliability.

Kingfisher International was started off in a garage in 1986 in Victoria, Australia by husband and wife team Bruce and Rosmin Robertson. Bruce still owns and runs the business today.

Founder Bruce Robertson comes from a long line of engineers dating back to at least 1667, and Bruce started in fiber optics over 300 years later in 1980 - 1985, as a researcher at the world recongnised GEC Hirst Research Centre in the UK. His work there included fiber obtic cable designs, manufacturing systems, sensors and test systems. He also worked in many other areas including robotics, switchgear, traction motors, semiconductor fabrication, electronics and computer design.   



Why 'Kingfisher'?

Speed Accuracy & Flexibility

Different species of the Kingfisher family of birds can be found in almost every country. Their responsive nature, flexible manoeuvring, incredible speed, power and beauty have been a constant inspiration to us. We want to reflect the beauty, intuitiveness and functionality of the natural world in everything we produce.



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