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Visual Fault Locator, Cable Fault Locators, & Fiber Identifier

Installation craft tools play a critical role in completing projects on time, on budget and on specification, while avoiding accidental service outages. These inexpensive yet high quality testers can assist every step of the way, and can dramatically improve both productivity and confidence. Many of these solutions can be bundled with our popular Test Kits.

VFL Visual Fault Locator

A fibre visible fault locator or fiber optic tracer is used as a fiber optic fault locator, and as cable fault detectors over short to moderate distances. Also available in convenient Test Kits. For longer distance fault location, an OTDR or clip-on fiber identifier should be used.

KI 6350 Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator

  • Pen sized VFL fault locater & line tracer
  • Single mode, multimode and plastic fiber applications
  • Eye safe Class 1 device, no safety procedures required
  • Rugged & simple fibre optic fault finder
  • 2.5 & 1.25 mm universal connector options
  • Pulsed or continuous laser options
  • Useful in combination with an OTDR, to help exactly identify a fault

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KI 2601 Fiber Power Meters

  • High performance optical power meter with convenient built in optical fault finder
  • Optional Visible fault tracer at 650nm and +2 dBm, available with either PC or APC connectors
  • Eye safe Class 1 device, no safety procedures required
  • Power meter has Multi FiberID optical tone detector function, which can perform simultaneous polarity testing on up to 12 fibers. 
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KI 2800 Source, KI 2700 Loss Test Set

KI 9800 VFL Pocket Fiber Source

  • Shirt-pocket sized VFL fault locater & line tracer
  • 650 nm and +10 dBm for long distance application, Class 2M Laser Device (maximum legal power allowed)
  • 635 nm and +3 dB optimized for eye-safe short / medium distance application, eyese-safe Class 1 Device (maximum for this Class)
  • Single mode, multimode and plastic fiber applications
  • Rugged & fully featured fibre optic fault finder
  • Interchangeable connector options
  • Highest power device that complies with Eye Safety standards

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Continuity Tester

A continuity / tone source & detector is used to ensure continuity. Kingfisher power meters typically detect and identify a test tone emitted by a Kingfisher source.

KI 9000 Pocket Fiber Source & Meter Multi-Fiber ID Feature

  • Multiple sources and a meter can uniquely identify up to 12 fibers using Multi FiberID
  • A large-area power meter does this on ribbon fiber connectors
  • Detects test tones from any other instrument
  • Displays actual detected tone frequency

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Optical Fibre Identifier

An optical fibre identifier is used to detect traffic or identification tones It enables positive long distance fiber identification. Most Kingfisher light sources can be used as a suitable tone source. The power display on a clip-on fiber identifier can be very useful for detecting lossy connectors etc. Also available in convenient Test Kits.

KI 6150 Series Clip On Fiber Identifier

  • Easy to use fiber checker
  • Live fiber detector or tone detectors
  • Easy to use fiber finder
  • Supplied with interchangeable heads for most fiber/cable types
  • Low false detection rate
  • Uses popular 9 volt battery size. Auto turn-off
  • Power display is very useful for finding lossy components
  • Identifiers require a light source with tone facility, preferably 1550 nm

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Cold Clamp Precision Long-Range Fault Locator 

A Cold Clamp is used with an OTDR for long range pinpoint location of hidden fiber optic cable faults. This unique Kingfisher product is ideal for finding hidden loss points.

Cold Clamp cable fault finder

  • Practical long distance fibre optic cable fault location within 1 m
  • Save days of labor for maintenance staff
  • Easily find 'invisible' optical cable faults on buried cable
  • Use on live systems

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