Optical power meters

Kingfisher's easy to use handheld optical power meters provide class-leading test confidence, flexibility and productivity — across all network & test types.

KI 9600A Pocket Power Meter

  • Simple shirt-pocket size meter
  • Options for all networks & users
  • Low-skill TamperLock mode
  • Ideal for transmission installers
  • Leading accuracy
KI 2600 Handheld Power Meter

  • Professional productivity meters
  • Options for all networks & users
  • Ideal for cable installers
  • Powerful reporting capability
  • Leading accuracy
  • Optional VFL
KI 6102 GPON / PON Power Meter

  • Economical in-line meter for PON test
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • 100 test memory with PC software

General purpose power meters

KI9600 meter

A general purpose fiber optic power meter is used with an optical light source for measuring loss or relative power level in dB.

Alternatively, some users may prefer an integrated two-way LTS, or a simple LTS.

General Purpose Meters are made in Australia by Kingfisher, and can also be used for testing / certifying PON & CWDM / DWDM installations. 

Kingfisher power meters are color coded for easy work site identification (compared to light sources etc), have interchangeable connectors, long battery life, calibration certificates & 3 year warranty / calibration cycle. They are available in convenient Test Kits.

Specialist power meters

LR4 meter

Kingfisher provides a specialist range of hand held optical power meters. These meters provide great productivity and test certainty in specialized test scenarios. Each meter receives a complete QA review and calibration certificate from Kingfisher.

PON Installations: PON MeterChannel Testers: CWDM / LR4