ILAC / NATA ISO17025 Accreditation
November 2019

Kingfisher International Optical Calibration Laboratory has gained Accreditation to IEC/ ISO17025:2017. We are accredited by NATA in Australia, and so recognised by all other ISO/IEC 17011 ILAC-signatory accreditation bodies globally, such as NIST, NPL etc. 
This is the highest commercial level of traceable calibration accreditation, is recognised globally, and means our equipment can be used to calibrate other equipment in compliance with ISO9001, and covers all our existing calibrations such as optical power, attenuation / linearity / stability, wavelength and ORL, typically with broad spectral capability.
ISO17025 compliant calibrations are typically required in defense, aerospace, laboratory, industrial, manufacturing, utility and data centre markets. 

Kingfisher provides global after-sales calibration / service to our customers via agreements with ISO17025 accredited providers in many locations worldwide.

SWDM4 Calibration Wavelengths
November 2019

New SWDM4 wavelengths of 850, 880, 910 and 940 nm have been added to the calibrations on our KI2600-Ge Optical Power Meter. SWDM4 is a new standard that allows 100G transmission on a pair of OM3 or OM4 multimode fibers. This allows existing 10G duplex fiber LAN to be ugraded to 100G fiber lan using the same cabling infrastructure.

High Power 1310 / 1550 Source
October 2019

In response to popular demand, we have introduced a high power KI2823 laser source, with +5 dBm output at 1310/1550 nm. For a small handheld source operating from two AA cells, this is the highest power that can be achieved. Equipped with interchangeable connectors, this source can be externally powered by USB, or provide standard modulated test tones. The laser power can also be adjusted down 7 dB by the user. The unit achieves excellent power stability and repeatability.

Global Calibration Service Partnership
October 2019

Kingfisher is pleased to announce a significant new calibration partnership with Micro Precision Calibration Inc. Based in California USA, this company has over 30 ISO17025-2017 accredited laboratories globally, most with excellent traceable optical calibration capability. This partnership significantly improves the ability of many more of our customers to get high quality calibration service, without sending equipment out of their country.

POF Optimised Connectors
August 2019

Kingfisher International is introducing a range of Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) optimised connector adpators for various connectors such as SC, ST, FC, SMA, 2.5 mm universal, Toslink and HFBR, for use on our various instruments. These connectors are all now optimised for the unusual optical beam geometry of POF fiber, which can have an NA (numerical aperture) of up to 0.5, and 1 mm core diameter. In combination with POF-optimised light sources, power meters and microscope, this provides better ease of use and test accuracy for these users.

Pictured is an HFBR connector adaptor for use on our KI9809 650 nm LED light source.

CS, SN & MDC Connector Adapters for Optical Power Meter
June 2019

We are introducing a CS Connector adapter OPT200 for use with our KI 9600XL-Ge7 and KI 2600XL-Ge7 Optical Power Meters. This unique and professional solution mounts a proper CS connector directly onto the meter detector. This arrangement is an essential tool for connector manufacturers, but is also a very preferable solution for most other users. The small size of this duplex connector presents problems for most other solutions relying on universal connectors. These power meters also work with MPO 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 ...72 fiber connectors, and LC / SC, so are a universal data centre solution.

For casual users of these new connector styles, we have a 1.25 mm universal connector solution OPT084 modified to fit CS, SN and MDC connectors, which can be used with many other Kingfisher optical power meters.

USA Customs Duties Mostly Unchanged
May 2019

We would like to advise that since most of our products are not made in China, USA customs duties are mostly unchanged.

So most of our prices into your store are not affected by the recent 25% customs tariff on related Chinese products.

A USA-Australia free trade agreement AUFTA means that typical USA customs tariffs on our Australian made products are 0%.

Improved Visible UV Spectral Measurement Capability
May 2019

We have recently improved the capability of our Optical Calibration Laboratory to measure light source wavelength in the UV and visible spectrum.

Traceable to an in-house primary reference standard, we can now accurately test wavelengths from UV-B to 1650 nm using an automated system, at low optical power levels.

This is part of Kingfisher's ongoing commitment to improving test accuracy and product quality for our customers. 

UBench POF Collimator Assembly
May 2019

Kingfisher has introduced the novel POF Plastic Optical Fiber Collimator assembly KI-UBENCH. Collimator assemblies are commonly available for single mode or multimode fiber, but we couldn't find one for POF fiber, so we developed this one. It would be useful for anyone who needs to insert something into the light path of a plastic optical fiber.

This sort of solution can be useful in life sciences, for example, because it's much easier to couple a specialist light source into a POF compared to other fiber types. 

This is a properly engineered solution, and could be easily customized for specialist POF or other large core fiber types, for example.

Improved Power Meter Linearity Testing
November 2018

We have recently improved our production power meter test capability for linearity.

Now we typically achieve a production linearity test accuracy of better than 0.03 dB (previously about 0.08 dB), which we believe to be the best in the industry. Instruments with this level of tested performance will start appearing immediately.

This is just another example of Kingfisher's ongoing commitment to improving test accuracy and product quality for our customers.

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