Reliably learn how much headroom (margin) you have in your system. Excellent all-round performance and productivity.
KI 7010 Series Variable Optical Attenuator
  • Intuitive to use, rugged & reliable
  • Long battery life
  • High contrast display
  • Excellent linearity, absolute accuracy and wavelength insensitivity
  • Single mode and multimode versions
  • User programmable
  • Remote control via computer
OPT716 Series Adjustable Optical Attenuator
  • Simple and inexpensive device
  • Excellent optical performance
  • PC and APC connector options
  • Single mode and multimode options
  • Useful measurement accessory


What is a Variable Optical Attenuator?

Variable optical attenuators are commonly used to reduce the absolute light power in a fiber. Typical test applications include linearity testing, receiver sensitivity / range / BER testing, and determining optimum fixed attenuator values for an installed system.

In most cases, A VOA is used in conjunction with an optical power meter. Typically, it is important that the optical attenuator does not degrade the passing signal, has a low sensitivity to wavelength, and low minimum insertion loss.

We offer a high performance handheld instrument with excellent overall specifications, and automation features that are useful in either stand-alone or computer controlled situations, or an inexpensive in-line adjustable attenuator for occasional use.