Loss Test Sets

These instruments combine up to 6 sources, a power meter & optional VFL in one unit. 

KI 2700 Handheld Loss Test Set

The Kingfisher Hand Held Loss Test Meter is a premium instrument used to test power, loss, continuity and faults on fiber optic systems. In a small package, it provides a VisiTester-capable light source and optical power meter with excellent accuracy, flexibility and productivity.

KI 2300 Handheld Loss Test Set with Zero Warm-Up
  • High stability source and power meter in one compact Autotest unit
  • High productivity, with zero warm up.
  • Versatile reporting / data handling options
  • USB key storage support
  • Optical power meter with 1% accuracy
  • Versatile powering options
  • Large clear display

What is a Loss Test Set?

These instruments combine up to 6 sources, a power meter & optional VFL in one unit. Two OLTS are usually used to measure losses on installed systems. Alternatively, some users may prefer either a higher performance two-way LTS, or a separate source and meter test kit. All Kingfisher OLTS are colored red for easy work site identification, and they are inter-operable with any other Kingfisher Autotest sources, meters or two-way testers with matching wavelengths.

For larger organizations, loss test sets can provide benefits in terms of simplified asset management, deployment and training, compared to sources & meters.

All Kingfisher less test sets offer superior measurement stability in practical link testing. When a test lead is repeatedly re-connected to the light source, the coupled power varies by < 0.1 dB. A Kingfisher OLTS can also be used as a tone generator for use with a clip-on identifier.

Note: Optical Loss Test Sets can alternatively be called: optical multimeters, fiber cable analyzers, or fiber cable certifiers.