The Kingfisher Advantage

Users of Kingfisher International testers typically report many in-depth operational benefits:

  • Simplify your operations by using just one tester & reporting software for both service provider and enterprise installations.
  • Improve your productivity, speed up network roll-out, reduce outage times, or reduce costs.
  • Get legendary reliability, ROI and credibility with the Kingfisher International brand.
  • Improve your staff morale with equipment that's easy to use, accurate, flexible and reliable.
  • Reduce your training costs, and empower your less experienced staff to step up their testing capability.
  • Reduce your test errors.
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce your back-office manipulation of acceptance test reports or asset database integration.
  • Enhance your capability for a wider range of possible future customer projects.
  • Maintain your capability with long calibration periods, expert user support, fast service turn-around and free software updates.
  • Achieve useful feature cross-compatibility across your instruments with different price points.

We'd like to invite you to investigate our products, and discover the Kingfisher advantage for yourself. You'll even find comprehensive competitor comparisons, which will help you make the most informed decision for your needs.

As questions arise during your research, please feel free to contact your local distributor with any queries.