KI 2600 Handheld Power Meter

The KI 2600 Series Handheld Power Meter is used by professional installers and contractors, to test power, loss, continuity and faults on all types of fiber optic systems. It has comprehensive report generation capabilities and a variety of useful features for productivity. Various detector options cover all power levels fiber and connector types. 

 Matching light sources and test kits

How to select my detector type

Part Number VFL SM MM MPO WDM Hi Pwr POF/PCS Buy / MSRP*
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USD $1217.73
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H3B Ge 2mm
USD $1574.95 Order Now
USD $1574.95
H3B InGaAs 2mm
USD $2275.3 Order Now
USD $2275.3
USD $1404.36 Order Now
USD $1404.36
In stock
USD $1255.99 Order Now
USD $1255.99
In stock
Ge 5mm
USD $1877.32 Order Now
USD $1877.32
In stock
Ge 7mm
USD $2945.49 Order Now
USD $2945.49
InGaAs 5mm
USD $5072.06 Order Now
USD $5072.06
Si 5mm
USD $1364.41 Order Now
USD $1364.41
In stock
USD $1774.94 Order Now
USD $1774.94
USD $1940.17 Order Now
USD $1940.17
USD $1822.36 Order Now
USD $1822.36
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Interchangeable connectors

Use a single meter, source or microscope for: SC, LC, MPO, FC, E2000, and many other connector types - including duplex & high density options.

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Total uncertainty specification

Our unique specifications cover accuracy in real world use - over all power levels, temperatures, connector and fiber types.

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One-touch AutoTest

Smart communication makes sure you always get a full, complete, and consistent result.

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USB key data export with data assurance

High capacity internal memory, easy & secure text export, with Excel-based report generation software included.

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Real-time reporting software

Excel-based instrument connectivity for comprehensive reporting (against standards) and real-time data logging.

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Test tone with multi-fiber ID

Send & identify one of 12 unique test tones. Great for quickly verifying continuity, polarity and rack labelling.

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Quickly and confidently store text data against patch-panel labels.

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SC / LC Duplex

Use our universal interchangeable connector options for duplex testing.

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Metal-free connectors

To avoid metal dust fragments damaging your tester and fiber-ends, we use high-end metal-free connectors.

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