KI 9800A Pocket Fiber Source

The shirt-pocket size KI 9800A Pocket Fiber Source is ideal for testing single mode, multimode or POF systems. It provides 1 - 3 wavelengths, high accuracy and simplicity of use.

  • Rugged, drop-resistant construction
  • 3 year warranty & calibration cycle
  • Long AAA alkaline battery life
  • User defeatable auto turn-off
  • Excellent stability
  • Lanyard, shirt pocket clip & padded pouch
  • Tone generator & Multi-Fiber ID function
  • Easy use TamperLock mode
  • Compatible with Autotest power meters
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • High Power VFL Version
  • Full QA reports

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Legendary source stability

In real-world field conditions, Kingfisher's stable and accurate sources outshine the competition.

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Interchangeable connectors

Use a single meter, source or microscope for: SC, LC, MPO, FC, E2000, and many other connector types - including duplex & high density options.

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Multimode test standard compliance

Kingfisher LED sources meet IEC Encircled Flux Compliance and Coupled Power Ratio Category 1 requirements and standards.

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Test tone with multi-fiber ID

Send & identify one of 12 unique test tones. Great for quickly verifying continuity, polarity and rack labelling.

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TamperLock mode

Lock down user controls and configuration to reduce the risk of test failure.

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One-touch AutoTest

Smart communication makes sure you always get a full, complete, and consistent result.

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Metal-free connectors

To avoid metal dust fragments damaging your tester and fiber-ends, we use high-end metal-free connectors.

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